Thursday, 13 September 2012

It's Alive!

Well, howdy folks! Long time no see!

Another quick update for you:

So, Book 3 of the Rites of Ascension trilogy is finally seeing some real progress. I'm happy with it, and I'm looking forward to starting the editing process fairly soon.

As unimportant as it is at this stage of the game, I've been considering titles. I really want to find a title that fit well with the previous books in the series. I think I've got it. So, at the moment, I do believe the title will be The Broken Sword. What do you think? Good? Bad? Just sort of "meh"?

Tell you what, if anyone thinks they've got a better title, then feel free to post it in the comments. If I decide to use one of your suggestions, I'll gift the third book to you when it's done.

It's on its way, folks! It's coming along! I want to thank all of you for your prodigious patience. I think, in the end, it'll be worth it.

See you soon!


  1. What is the status book three? It has been almost five months since your last update?

  2. Sorry, I've got a hard time believing an author is putting any real time into writing a novel if they can't be bothered to stay in touch with their fans more than once or twice a year. Seriously? The last time this blog was updated was September? And you expect us to still care? I'm sure that whatever you name your next novel it will be just peachy.

    1. Didn't think I might be having a lot going on in my life? Guess what: it's been a year of hell for me. Sorry I haven't been around much; I will be back after I've gotten things straightened out. I know it's been a long time and you have no idea how much that pains me. I know I'm letting a lot of people down and that pains me more.
      First things first: my life. Then books and readers.

  3. Mr. Michaud.

    As an indie author, I have to commend you for having a blog. I have seen numerous indie authors that rely exclusively on Amazon or Good Reads to advertise for them, and neither of those platforms are very good at it. They aren't designed to be.

    I also appreciate that you have it set up to notify you when someone has left a comment in your blog.

    Last I would like to thank you on NOT setting a release date for your novel before you have a very good idea of when you will be able to release it.

    All of those are commendable, and encourage readers to interact with an author.

    I understand that life is life, and as such it is unpredictable and often unpleasant, but your readers have no idea what is going on in your life or what progress you're making with your writing if you fail to interact with them. If a writer doesn't write a post in their blog, it leads a reader to wonder if they are writing at all.

    A blog is a marketing tool. It is there to encourage your fans to keep visiting, and keep them hungry, but like a loaf of bread, it has an expiration date, and if it goes to long without any activity, it starts to get moldy. People visit, look, see when the last post was made, and forget about it. Writing is work, it may be work you love, but it is also work you should be compensated for. Use your marketing tools properly, and you won't lose fans to apathy. Most fans will understand when life gets out of control and impacts a writers life, but you need an occasional press release ( blog post) if you want to keep interest in your writing alive.

    Last I would like to thank you for responding to my post. Yes, it was sarcastic and unflattering. I felt it was justified even if it just got you to cuss me out, because then at least I'd know you were alive and capable of responding to your fans. I hope you can get back to writing again soon and look forward to your next book.